Friday, October 23, 2009

Keajaiban Bayi Rusia

Correspondent Omar Magomedov visited the family a miracle baby.

First signs of skin baby's parents were perceived as birthmarks, then as irritation and postnatal scarring. Fearing for the health of the child, a young couple called the doctor of an ambulance, but doctors just shrugged, referring to the unknown science of skin disease.

Said Rasulova, the ward nurse: "From the standpoint of medicine, I can not explain what it is. With her mother's words, it appears with the temperature.

At the invitation of relatives, family Yakubov visited a local priest, who saw a bizarre zigzag traces the Arabic word "Allah", and later the prayers and even whole passages from the Koran. Two days ago, at the foot 9-month, Ali made another inscription. What a surprise it was a priest, when the same text of the prayer he found in the Holy Quran.

Abdullah, the imam of the village mosque: "The book is written, which is closer to the end of the world such inscriptions, signs will be apparent even to the human body. There are sayings in Islamic books. "

Now home photo album filled with pictures Yakubov with unusual inscriptions. In the form of an Arabic ligature often occurs on the back, legs and hands, a little less on her stomach and head. And, periodically one text is replaced by another. At this time, say doctors, a baby's temperature rises to 40 ° C. For parents, this seemed to signal that soon the skin will make the next inscription.

Madina Yakubov, mother of Ali: "Keep it impossible. We have to be laid in the cradle, it raises the body like this, crying, crying. Temperature to 40 ° C rise. Very much a child suffers. Throughout the night, when it appears he is not asleep.

At the request of Madina child's face we do not show, so as not jinxed. Not long ago about an unusual child was known only to parents, neighbors, local doctors, then with the advent of Arabic inscriptions, which translated literally means "show the signs of my people," the news of the birth of a miracle baby broke up the whole neighborhood. Local priests have decided that this is a sign, but because the boy's need to show people. Now the family Yakubov only has time to take crews and give interviews.

And. Yakubov began earnestly to pray and became deeply faithful. However, in the country a lot and those who still doubt the divine origin of the inscriptions.

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